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Kromofonica photo

The name “Kromofonica” is the brainchild of Leonardo Montaruli, artist, singer, founder and leader of "Voyeur" – a 90s independent group from Genova – who was killed by a melanoma at the age of 27. The group's first album, currently in production, is dedicated to his memory.

“Kromofonica” is an alternative musical project founded on 1st January 2008 .


Ipnogogica in:
Vincenzo Geraci_ composition, electric guitar, vocals, lyrics.
Edilio Ciuffardi_ composition, electric bass, vocals, arrangements, lyrics.

Thanks to:
Simi (Simona Bertazzoli) entry in the "drum digestion, Digit gorilla in the nest. "
Stefano Palumbo, editor, sound engineer, for the voice of Simi.
Fabiano Tonelli, electric guitar in the first part of "hibernation of the hedgehog. "
Andrea Rinaldi, electric guitar in "hibernation of the hedgehog. "
Paolo Follesa, translation, revision of the text "drum digestion.
Roberto Amaretti, correction of the translation of the text " Digit
gorilla " .






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