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da Butterfly Tea


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A proposito di questo album

  • Pubblicato: Dec 10, 2008

Good listening to you all !

Let your critics, share the album, made ​​it out, I need you!

And don't forget, for those who discorver my musics : I have more than twenty albums to listen, all on Jamendo.

To buy the compil of my musics, in higher quality and arranged, with a lot of unpublished, this is where it goes:

To contact me :


For the using of the musics of this album for personnal or unprofessionnal projects :

No need to ask me the permission, because I don't have always the timeto answer, the using of this musics is free for non-commercial projects. So it's simple, you are free to use it. Don't forget to premote my musics and place my name and a link to my musics or my website "".


If you make a movie, a game, a short film etc... and are not professionnal yet. But you're seeking to become it, you are motivated and passionate.

Present your project to me,if I'm sold on it then I could eventually compose original musics only for you, enhance your production with my music, and make an important advertising for you through my networks, in the whole world.


If you are pro, and you have special requirements and specific. Contact me.

Whether it's about the use of music present on Jamendo.

Or if you want an arranged version,shorter / longer, or a remix, of a music present on Jamendo.

If you want an original and unpublished music, adapted to your project.


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Dec 21, 2008

Exeptionnel, c'est un le bon mot! Un album unique sur jamendo que je viens de découvrir. Les sons sont magnifiques, les mélodies aussies, le seul défaut que j,ai pu y trouver est que les pièces finnissent trop vites, on aimerait rester dedant et les savourer plus longtemps. Vous pourriez facilement décrocher plusieurs contrats si vous vous mettiez à des pièces plus longues. En tout cas, félicitation pour ces magnifiques mélodies, et félicitez aussi le concepteur des pochettes, elles sont très belles ;)

All of the songs are great!

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Feb 18, 2009

Very professional sounding and exciting music. I only wish some of the songs were longer because the treat is too brief when the songs come up in my playlist.


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Jan 8, 2009

L'album è un ottimo. Le melodie sono appassionanti e la brevità è un pregio non un difetto. Personalmente penso siano l'ideale per sonorizzare cortometraggi. Bravo.


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Dec 26, 2008

wspaniały album, każdy utwór jest dobry dla ucha, dodatkowy plus za ładną okładkę

Jamendo got his own John Williams !!!

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Mar 26, 2009

This is like a script to a Blockbuster Movie. So many great tunes and ideas. The sounds combine masterfull. Strong, Fresh and vital Maybe you can make your songs a bit longer. It' s a pitty they are so short. Amazing uplifting soundscapes. You,my friend, are a master of scores. Step a side John Williams !


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Mar 19, 2009

Very good set of musical ideas

Bon album

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Feb 25, 2009

Quelle plaisir de ce plonger dans des époques diverses. Très très joli musique.Tantôt calme tantôt rythmée. Il suffit de fermer les yeux et le film commence. Seul petit bémol effectivement,c'est je trouve la durée de chaque piste qui nous donne envie d'en entendre plus. Merci pour ce beau voyage dans le temps.


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Jan 28, 2009

Un viaje a lo exótico, al interior, al exterior, al universo. Para escuchar y dejarse llevar a un viaje infinito de placer y sensaciones. Un voyage à l'exotisme, de l'intérieur, extérieur, univers. Pour écouter et de laisser aller sur un chemin de l'infini plaisir et sensations.

Amazing music!

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Jan 11, 2009

This is, without a doubt, some of the best "soundtrack" music I have heard and the compositioning is extremely powerful. The only thing I could ask for are a few scores that are a little "slower", but this stuff is amazing without a doubt!

Passionately ,Wonderful, Ambient ,Music

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Dec 11, 2008

Feel the music, flow so sweetly and easy as you listen, and enjoy this album, from start to finish. Hear the musical,instruments, and wonderful soundtrack, play melodical, rhythmic, enchanting, and symphonic at times let alone, classical other times, great music. Enrich your enthusiasm for great music.