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A proposito di questo album

  • Pubblicato: 22 mei 2010

Extraordinary Intelligence is Anitek's fourth solo release, and he demonstrates his turntablism/ trip hop style.

This Album was mastered by Winchell Productions.

On "Broken", Ellie Rose composed all of the vocal harmonies, and lyrics.

On "Sunny Daze", Tab is on the first verse, and Axl J. Foley is on the second

Album Art was done by Tab

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA

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Expressed To Perfection With A Beautiful Atmosphere On Top

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29 mei 2010

This whole album, just had a fantastic, chilled and calmed, let alone graceful atmosphere and vibe about it all. each and every track I heard, just got better and better. And I fell deeper and deeper into this exceptional album in general. Everything is supber and top quality listening material..

very f Good album

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29 mei 2010

hey, can u provide us some lyrics for this album, pls some songs are awesome :)

I made a video by Ustream

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19 feb. 2012

awesome!!! would do you watch it? thanks!!!
Geri G

Jazz, Lounge, Ambient, Elektro, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop und Scratch-Massaker-Melange

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20 sep. 2010

Anitek ist vielseitig. Der Mann hat Klavier, Cello, Klarinette und das übliche Rockinstrumentarium gelernt, betätigt sich als Scratch-DJ und hat in der Regel nicht in einer Person vereinte Musikvorlieben. Die bringt er in seiner Version von Hip-/Trip-Hop zusammen. Das Album beginnt mit First Treatment chillig-loungig (ideal für meine Kiffen auf Ibiza...-Liste), malt dann mit jazzigen Soundschnipseln, wird zwischendurch mit Broken richtig jazzig-loungig, hat mit Sunny Daze einen Hip Hop-Höhepunkt und endet mit Infrastructure in einem Scratch-Techno-Mix. Insgesamt schafft er es (vorwiegend instrumental - nur 3 Stücke mit richtigen Vocals) Jazz, Lounge, Ambient, Elektro, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop und Turntable-Massaker faszinierend zu verbinden. Spannend! ... und gefällt mir richtig gut!

Great jazzy triphop!

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31 mei 2010

What i really like from anitek's music is a mix of relaxing jazzy instrument melody such as e-piano, jazz guitar, saxophone etc with cool trip-hop/hip-hop beat. Also great stretching skill. And the ambient is cold and dark, very nice classic but easy listening... My favorite was a "Pots N Panning" because the scratching & "Broken" because the cool R&B ambient. Thanks 4 share!