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A proposito di questo album

  • Pubblicato: Nov 24, 2010

Another historical album, Albedo was made in 2000, and contains some very good old songs including Albedo 2 and 3 and my personal favourite, Silent Song.

The last track is a bonus track and it contains a version of  "Snowflake's Dance" which was used as a soundtrack for the Snow Queen audiobook.

Albedo 2, Albedo 3 and Silent Song can be found in new versions on my Ten years later album, these ones are actually the original versions.

The Beginnings 1-6 series of tracks contains few short song ideas which I thought were sounding pretty good but didn't quite make it as complete songs.

Hope you like it. Be gentle with sound quality, it was 2000 and I had a very limited music software at that time. 

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Nov 25, 2010

This album was so nice. . . The music was delightful . . . Perfectly organized and composed . . . beautifully expressive music . . . which paints wonderful mental images. All the songs had their own personality and uniqueness yet seemed to go with the theme: regarding the value of a reflection off an object like the moon. I think the music was very full of light and sparkle. . . and yet carried a little brooding shadow within each song .. .. contrast . . . I really loved "Snowflake's Dance" which was beautiful and emotional and the sleigh bells added a very nice touch . . . And I simply adored "Silent Song" because it held so much beauty in such a wind swept corner of my mind . . . so dramatic and yet peaceful . . . I think these are great melodies to listen to for background, at a dinner, or to daydream to . . . but especially I think they would make good soundtrack songs for a movie. I think this artist is very creative and has employed his talent very nicely with all these tunes . . . Outstanding - Wolfsong

Good album

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Nov 24, 2010

Some very beautiful tracks. A great download. All the best, Ox3