Of The I

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Of the I is a band from London; they started out spreading their musical message by providing demos of their music, freely, over the internet. The band’s first EP release received a warm welcome to the ears of the web which inspired them to record a full length album.

Their aim is to create a new kind of sound that invokes elements derived from spirituality, philosophy, psychology, each member’s personal experiences, as well as the music that has inspired them. Album:


Apart from it now being freely available on Jamendo, the full length album titled "Balance Instars" is being sold on www.ofthei.com in the store section. Anyone who would like to support Of The I can do so by getting a copy (physical or digital), or come to see their  live shows.

If you and/or your website would like to host the EP or Sampler and make it available to your friends/users please contact the band at ofthei@gmail.com

Peace, love and music!

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