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      'Music Is My Life', is a Instrumental Trance Single. Long Time Jamendo Members are well aware of Starmann65'a Reputation for producing Spectacular Trance and occasionally Rock-Pop albums. This album is no exception. The Music is Mesmerizing, Refreshing and most Importantly- T-R-A-N-C-E!. Sparkling Piano mixes with Synth Keyboard and Pulse Pounding Percussion. Overall, No Surprises( 0f the Unpleasant Kind) just the Flowing, Dynamic Electronica. :D

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      Ciao! Abbiamo scelto Music in my live per la puntata di CCMUSICRULEZ In onda su www.radiophonica.com il 18 ottobre alle 17! Se ti va di intervenire in trasmissione per presentare il pezzo mandami una mail! Ciao!