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321 Narf

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    • EpikMcWin avatar

      Ok first off I want you to know that I am not a huge fan of pure electro or dub-step. That aside, I thought that all the songs were between good and very good. The only complaint i have about them is they all got a little repetitious after awhile. If I want to hear the same things again and again i'll play the song twice. :) On the plus side, the synths sound nothing less than epic. The bass is pleasantly thrilling to my eardrums. Overall a 7-10.

    • zephiria67 avatar

      ... cet album aux sonorités originales, c'est entrainant... j'ai bien accroché, il y a un style, un univers. Merci pour le partage

    • SouthOMike avatar

      "Unexplained Joy" starts off slow and gathers steam, going into a long drawn out intro and then gets to the meat of the song. Too repetitious for my liking, but it does break off with some excellent synth effects... "Zaftig" allowed my minds eye to see the Transformer bots doing a line dance to this. It has all the lower frequencies that one could want, with a few tweaks here & there, could be an entertaining background for a commercial or video. "Passionate Video Game Hero" reminded me so much of the eighties chiptune music that could be heard in "scene" demos and some game intros from the Amiga days. Quite the enjoyable listen! Keep em coming!