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Clásico Digital Jamendo Music album cover
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    • 7 years ago

      'Clásico Digital', is a two track, Instrumental, Techno-Classical album. Synthesizer which is meant to sound "Electronic" generates two Contemporary Orchestral Pieces to Great Effect. Track #1. 'La Batalla', is a Strongly Brass-Woodwind Focused in its Introduction. The Sound is a Grandiose Brass Fanfare before Evolving into more varied work. Woodwind rivals Brass in Magnificence in this Regal Arrangement. Listen for a Magical Harp that will vanish as rapidly as it begins. Track #2. 'Amanecer', Commences with Pan Pipe and Strings. Avian Sound Effects fill the background as the Song seems to Float. Timpani, Brass--in particular a Ultra Deep Bass Tone, Strings and Woodwind make this work Vastly Symphonic. Sharp eared Listeners will note a Sound that is virtually Vocal-Synth Choral but not quite. Overall, Beautiful Modern Classical Tone Poems for your pleasure.