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      'Entracte', is a Instrumental, Trance Single. This Single is Definitely Flying Under the Radar! It contains a Hypnotically Danceable Beat and some of the Bounciest yet Funky Synth Grooves Around. Musically, Synth Keyboard and a 2nd Deeply Pulsating Bass Synth Intros the Melody which also manages to incorporate a Traditional French Nursery Rhyme within its Main Body. Listeners who are Fans of Movie Director-Soundtrack Composer, John Carpenter will hear a Kindred Spirit contained in this Selection. Listen for a Cooly, Sinister Synth Keyboard executed with in Multiple Modes with Tight-Tingling Percussive Elements and you will understand the J.C. reference. Overall, Just Great Electronic-Trance Music.

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      Une belle envolée de ballons tout-au rythme de la musique. Un single très emballant. Merci pour ta recommandation et bravo. >>>> KYTIE >>>>