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Slayers Online - Halloween 2011 (Mp3 adaptés des midis) Jamendo Music album cover

Slayers Online - Halloween 2011 (Mp3 adaptés des midis)

Kiwi manchot
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    • 7 years ago

      'Slayers Online - Halloween 2011 (Mp3 adaptés des midis)', is a five track, Instrumental, Semi-Classical-Electronica album. The "Spooky", Scary or otherwise Fright Content of this Collection ranges from G-Rated Mild to Non-Existent. Likewise, with words such as Slayers and Halloween many Listeners are certain to assume the content to be Dark, Murderous and Seasonally Eerie but the fact is the music is Gentle, Laid Back and mostly Relaxing with a couple of tracks that contain a Modicum of Menace. Musically, Synth, Semi-Classical, Semi-Symphonic Music is the mainstay of the album. Lush and Velvety Synth Strings Abound. Equally each of the Compositions are quite short averaging about 1 min 20 secs. Track #2. 'Kiwi-Manchot-Orchestre', is a Full if Miniature Orchestra. Synth Brass, Strings(violin) and Harpsichord render a rather Baroque performance. Track #4. 'Scene De Meurtre', is the Most Sinister Selection. Piano and Violin create a Sonic Scene that does indeed make One think of murder. Track #5. 'Hurry', has a Sensation of Speed and of being rushed. This track is as suitable for Action Adventure as it is for Fright. Overall, Good Music that is not particularly fancy or overly ornamental but just Fine Musical Compositions.