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      Une chaleur me voile l'âme l'invisible me pousse comme un vent à la voie sifflante un vent à la fois qui se propage en moi et tout autour sans limite un souffle de voyages invisible Perduss (Le Québécois) Réjean Desrosiers

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      even an inexpert beginner listener would be able to appreciate this little jewel of art. Technique,skill,wise composition,sometimes manic research of perfectionism,taste for eclectic experimentation,heart, a touching and tangible infinite melancholy, in a harmonious development of different sonorities and rhythms.fifth track, my favorite,could be the soundtrack wonderfully fitting to any dramatic romance.what else? only thanks.sure about the title?

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      'No One Dies of Love', is a six track, Classical-New Age album. Majestic, Grand, Elegant, and Sweeping are just a few of the Adjectives that are likely to be encountered when this Album's Melodies are heard. Stylistically, the exact Classification will vary based on Listener Perspective but Classical, New Age, Symphonic Easy Listening and Upscale Lounge Soft Rock may all be stated with equal Accuracy and Veracity! The Grandest of Concert Piano and Concert Acoustic Guitar, Violins, Woodwinds and Orchestral Percussion give an Fine Accounting of the Album's Classical Foundation. But not to be outdone, Synthesizer Keyboard is lurks beneath the surface and Melds its Technological Influence in a Virtually Invisible Manner--Track #2. 'Hawk Cliff'--think of it as "Glue" that helps holds it altogether. Track #4. 'Aurora Borealis', is the Ultimate in Choral Arias, as experienced on Jamendo, and I defy Listeners to determine whether the Vocalizations are "Natural" or Synthesized! The Point is a Spectacularly Lovely Choral Work merges with Soothing Pop Bass and Synth Keyboard makes the Heart Glad no matter how it was Created. Track #3. 'Look at this Awesome Sunshine', takes EZL Pop to the Next Level with a Warm and Inviting Melody that weaves, Pop, Soft Rock and trace of Country & Western Music. I believe that every person who hears this Song will see a Pleasant Image or Moment from their past! Track #5. 'The Lighthouse At the End of the World', is Lyrical Musical Drama at its Finest! Piano and Symphonic Strings Generate a all Encompassing Sound that is Delicately Dramatic. The Two Tracks not Mentioned are no way lesser works. I leave room for Y-O-U to discover them for yourself. ;-)

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      Especially the last 4 tracks are very good

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      Romantico e limpido,dove il tema dell'amore la fa da padrone,esecuzione e composizione perfette, in alcuni tratti intravvedo Vangelis, ciao goblin951