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Evenings of November Jamendo Music album cover

Evenings of November

Razvan Veina
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    • shaneee avatar
      6 years ago

      I really like this album, just like Louis Vuitton Neverfull

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar
      6 years ago

      Yes . . . such a sentimental piece, with the emotional strings for "Evenings of November" . . . like a dream as I watch the sunset . . . a sky so lavender against the drifting clouds . . . . and gold rimming the horizon . . . like a promise. And so sweet . . . so tender were the strings throughout the album . . . a little sad but hopeful . . . the leaves are drifting like colored confetti, before my feet . . as I walk in these cool breezy days . .. I dream of summer and remember the warmth and blue skies, with a sense of joy, but a nostalgic emotion . . . the music brings me back . . . and back again . . . Lovely!

    • falcefra avatar
      6 years ago

      A good album execute and played song very nice music.

    • m_masters avatar
      6 years ago

      "Evenings of November" Soft, slowly stroked keys with a company of strings seemed the basis to a very basic and well played piece. "Until the End of Time" The effects of the leading strings and backing keyboard was well suited to my ear and produced a light background listening platform. the slowly formed themes were like steps upon the level and steady platform. "A Day to Remember" This piece seemed to run on directly from the previous piece, with an almost identical format. The relaxed feel seemed to capture a little romance caught within the strings. I used this as background music to the late afternoon of my working day. It worked wonderfully as it created a light relaxed mood, though after a while it did become invisible under the distant conversations and purring of machines.

    • Kamarius avatar
      6 years ago

      Well done,Razvan!Full of feelings and stories... Music touching deep the heart,music healing the soul. It is so "sweet november". Thank you for this beautiful album! And warm embraces!