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    • BigEdLB avatar
      6 years ago

      What I am hearing is a solid orchestral tapestry. Also, I like how your pieces flow into one another, sometimes that is lost in the albums I review, but it is also a hard thing to explain to those who seem to have just assembled a collection of pieces. A suggestion is to not put your descriptions in parenthesis after the titles, but rather include them in a description that you might use the lyrics section for. This is what I do in my compositions here. Sometimes your listner just wants to listen, and rather then give him guidance as to the mood, let him decide that for himself. Your "Conquerors of Stonehart Keep" was an excellent choice to begin this album. "Sandswept", "Nightpass", and "Rolling Militia" caught my ear, but there wasn't a bad one in the bunch. The only thing that kept this from a 10 was the length of the tracks, as I indicated above. You have indicated that this is in part gaming music, but you also said, `Symphonic`, and that is a place to go with this - expand the pieces you think are the best (4 or 5) and have them as a regular symphonic suite... About 5-7 minutes in length each... This music catches one's ear, and is easy to stay with...

    • patchie3340 avatar
      6 years ago

      Encore une belle histoire. Merci pour le partage.