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Tungsten Jamendo Music album cover
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    • 6 years ago

      Electronic music is one of my most favorites through all my life. But unfortunately this style was never popular here in Czech Republic. Nobody here ever created an album which I would call Jarre-like or Tangerine Dream-like. Maybe with exception of several cross-style experiments, which stand half way in synthesizers. We had to wait until now. Electronic Flash Unit has exactly that easy electronic sound which was missing here all the years. It may be that I like it more because it's Czech, but I like it very much. The whole album sounds very pleasant and nicely fits together. It reminds me of works of several electronic music followers. Sometimes it's playful like Jarre. Sometimes it goes to sequences like Polaris or Canovas. Sometimes it's melodic like Peter Baumann. My favorite passage is the sequential 130W together with the following romantic 15W. When I count another highlights - the closing 60W and 150W, I got half the album of my favorites. This project sounds very promising and I'm looking forward for what it creates next.

    • 7 years ago

      Quite catchy and inspiring although some melodies could have more clear (and loud) bass line. Also my subjective feeling is that drum line in general is too gentle and too quiet. I like jarre- like FXs. There could be heard a lot of work put into songs. I thought there were some errors in first song but after few plays I see I was mistaken.. Worth to mention: every track is different… I liked the most 130W.