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    • metal_wraith avatar

      Giving Innocence a listen to currently. And I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Singer has a great voice, I love the deep bass... Have to have some deep bass and stand out, like D.D. Verni of Overkill. Which this is pretty close, if not tuned down lower. Keep up the nice work.

    • Vintuitive avatar

      I discovered Crimson Blue just a few days ago. 'Innocence' is a slick, high quality recording. The guitars are heavy, crunchy and bouncy and there are some unique and interesting riffs in this album. The vocals often make or break a band and this seems to be true of Metal bands in particular. Crimson Blue are in that category and I found myself teetering back and forth on whether I thought the voice suited the music. It's not quite Evanescence but I can see how it possibly had an influence on Crimson Blue. Any misgivings you might have with the vocals are easily compensated by the strength of the music, the band is tight, solid and powerful. Some songs have very infectious choruses, such as L.M.A. and you may find that you are still humming hours after hearing the album. Some of the best songs are towards the end of the album. Innocence is certainly worth a listen if you are interested in finding new metal to add to your collection.

    • vonspyder avatar

      Definite edge about this album. This is what you get when you make Metal into something classy.

    • Fran de boor avatar

      A medida que lo escucho va aumentando mi interés.

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      Блин, у меня аж мурашки по всей коже побежали!