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    • bizun_ avatar
      6 years ago

      Impossible?Or maybe not..?[just a note: Everything I've wrote within review of album Kompositsia I applies to all Kompositsia series, so for overall characteristics refer there. I tend to think of Kompositsia like it was one multi-disk album.]Avi is spoiling us. Another record in such short time.This one is kept in more reflective and pensive mood, with less dense arrange and more ballads. A nice bit to slow down. Right now, when I'm writing this review, with Kompozitsia VII in my headphones, it corresponds well with gloomy rainy weather outside, and yet is kind of cheerful, even if somehow nostalgic. And yes: you do not need to worry as it says in final piece. I agree. Eight stars [++++++++--]

    • anal avatar
      6 years ago

      Music would be pretty nice but the vocals in my opinion drops the quality of the overall listening down to a "3".

    • CRAPULBLUES avatar
      6 years ago

      c'est carré c'est tes bien enregistré, et tres surprenant l'hébreux sonne juste grace a l'interpretation de chanteur. c'est a ecouté sans faute Bravo!!!!

    • Dom The Bear avatar
      6 years ago

      7 is the number of perfection in the Torah....of course Avi is human ;), and perfection doesn't lie inside this world, but this album reaches some maturity, merging different directions one could have heard inside the previous Kompozitisia: pop rock, blues, folk violins, more heavy guitar riffs, and always this militant tranquillity that i said, from the 1st album, i found in a known reference, Lloyd Cole. Thanks for sharing, as usual it was a very nice moment!!

    • Tadek59 avatar
      6 years ago

      Excellent vocal and good music !