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    • wil5499 avatar

      great album the music reflects the emotions and passion of the artist deep pure sensible yet powerful !!!!! great sound on the instruments keep bringing that sound .

    • C.J.ROGERS avatar

      Well-designed compositions with a few colors of old jazzy school. This is not to be misunderstood, but on contrary because I think it's very good, it raises the entire production and makes it unique. Anyway to all the jazzy friends , listen, you will not be disappointed. Friendly C.J.

    • Van Syla avatar

      Beautiful warm and enveloping atmospheres, voluptuous sounds, a rhythm that relaxes and a very inspired instrumental dialogue. Very nice album !

    • garywigle avatar

      I love jazz and I love this album. Can't wait to hear the rest of the albums!!

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      Art just seems to get better and better at his jazz . . . its always a huge pleasure for me to listen to his compositions . . . and this latest album is a sensational example of his talent. These were a slightly eclectic group of jazz ideas . . . guitar or trumpet . . . they were all spectacular . . . I'm quite impressed with these jazzy gems based on the musician's life experiences (which he explains in the cover notes) . .. sad or glad, Art Owens seems to be easily inspired and quite talented at creating a music that expresses his feelings precisely . . It's hard to tell which track was my favorite .. . I think that this is my favorite album of this artist's wonderful collection, so far . . . but I loved the piece with the harmonica (the harmonica always moves my heart) and Art played this so well . . . "Walking The Right Way." I think that whatever the case about your emotions or the situation of your life you would enjoy these pieces and find that they give a little jazzy golden-ray of happiness to your heart.