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Untold stories of a dying moon Jamendo Music album cover

Untold stories of a dying moon

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    • raffysys75 avatar

      amazing music

    • katikalda1 avatar

      This is stunning album and first track is a bit sad,though there is something breathtaking. I love your project since i heard your tracks here. Zero Project is great i ever heard in my life. The best. Brilliant,amazing,lovely

    • ksbowers avatar

      What a great composition. Huge fan. Thanks for creating such wonderful music. Especially like Moonlight #1, Appassionata and Moonlight #2. They are all GREAT!

    • luquiben avatar

      Excelente música. Casi toda la obra acompaña a mis videos. Por cierto a mis seguidores en les vuelves locos.

    • victorcadierno avatar

      Es imposible decirlo en dos palabras, Zero-Project me encanta tienen unas canciones impresionantes y muy bonitas. Además me relajan muchísimo cuando las escucho todos los días.