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Happy Romantic Piano with Strings

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    • mixer265 avatar

      So beautiful but much too short

    • falcefra avatar

      A song very good music piano. Sound and magistral players.

    • MANCY avatar
      @ wrote

      Probably the best piano motive on Jamendo!!! Music that I like most ... excellent piano sound - what is it, really grand piano or sound of grand piano from synthesizer? If this is a synthesizer - what type and producer?...

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      Hmmmm . . . gorgeous . . . simply beautiful piano, winged with strings . .. you will want to listen to this in a loop . . . over and over again as it fills you with those delicious sensations of being full of joy and happiness . . . It could be longer . .. and there could be more . . but its worth stopping by to listen and let your heart rejoice . . . just for a moment . . .