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March for Rome (Single)

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      'March for Rome', is a Symphonic Soundtrack Single. Fans of the either the Movie or Soundtrack to the 1959 Version of 'Ben Hur'( Composer: Mikloz Roza) should thoroughly enjoy this Composition. Equally, the Vocals instantly recall the Supernaturally Charged vocals heard in the Original 'The Omen' and Subsequent Sequels Films. Majestic Female/Male Choral Voices punctuate a Grandly Classical Symphonic which "Thunders" with Drama and Majesty. Violins vie with Percussion to deliver a Grand Work. Brass and a Plaintive Native Egyptian Styled Shepard's Cry round out all the Intense Musical Story being told in this work. Interestingly, Kokenovem has a Sound and Style in this work that is very reminiscent to fellow Jamendo Artist, Mystic Soulmate. Overall, Superbly done Theme Music!

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      Une superbe musique qui conviendrait parfaitement à une bande cinématographique. C'est un travail magnifique. Très belle orchestration. Dommage qu'il n'y ait qu'une piste.