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Unleashed Jamendo Music album cover
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    • alvborges avatar
      6 years ago

      His best work so far. Mature, balanced... excellent!

    • velots avatar
      6 years ago

      Lo mismo buen álbum... y mejor fondo un saludo argudin2000

    • loupblanc38 avatar
      6 years ago

      Un régal,composition musical exceptionnelle,difficile de faire un choix,elles sont toutes superbement bien interprétées.Quelques préférées quand même.la 1-4-6-7 et la 10...Bravo pour ce chef d’œuvre musical.

    • samy cach avatar
      6 years ago

      apres avoir ton album je suis encore sous le charme de tes composition trop genial!!!! bravo samy cach

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      6 years ago

      'Unleashed', is a 10 track Electronica-Multi Style album. Fans of Genre Specific Styles of Trance, Techno and Ambient Electronica will find Music of Interest in this Collection. In my opinion the Songs fall into Three General Categories: Lightly Dance(able), Mood Ambiance and Soundtrack but all share Highly Stylized yet Melodic Melodies that range from the Delicately Lyrical to Intensely Riveting Thrillers. Dance(able)/Mood Ambiance- Track #1. 'Listen to the Wind', Features a "Classic" Electronica Synth Keyboard Style with Melodic Bass Synth Harmony and Bouncy Percussion. Soundtrack/Thriller-- Track #7. 'D-Vices', also "Rocks" the Bass Synth but in this instance with a Super Hero Style of Dramatic Resonance. Mood Ambiance--Track #6. 'Winter Soundscapes', IS the Musical Personification of the Lyrical and Fragile. If a Snowflake could have a Theme Song this is IT. Listen for Synth Keening that is not Human yet "Achingly" close. Snow Scenes are a Paradox in that Winter's Coldness is perceived Warmly and this Song proves it Musically. The three Selections above only scratch the surface of a Rich and Highly Enjoyable Collection of Modern Electronic Compositions.