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Three Piano Solos Jamendo Music album cover

Three Piano Solos

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    • vijaygkamat avatar
      6 years ago

      Really Beautiful to hear at NIGHT when silence is all around...

    • espi731 avatar
      6 years ago

      [The very first seconds] : … Oh it reminds me of famous "Love Story" theme! so sweet! [After a while] : … Wow I can almost touch the player's sorrows within this music! [when I got my eyes on the track name] : … What? can't believe! it's exactly what I had in mind throughout listening! [When I heard last note] : … Now where's the replay button?! .... These three solos are certainly "The Best" of what I had a chance to listen on Jamendo. no doubt about it. I listened to all three extremely carefully and it was only then I found out that how outstanding these pieces are! everything is perfect! While "Love hurts" tells a story of grief with very deep emotions, "After Rain Comes Sun" counters it and tells us to look to the bright side (the sun!). and the last but not least is my favorite "Catharsis". it's so pure and relaxing! "Three Piano Solos" is surely 10/10.

    • copyrighthero avatar
      6 years ago

      Can't figure out a proper word to describe my feelings now! They are really beautiful!

    • hanah 222 avatar
      6 years ago

      After rain et catharsis sont plus qu'excellents FELICITATIONS à l'auteur. Je les écoute en boucle.

    • LIBRATION avatar
      6 years ago

      Très belles mélodies et une sacrée maîtrise du piano, bravo l'artiste. Pascal Ser'jacobs.