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Adult Only & SaReGaMa - AFTERZONE

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    • loveovergold avatar
      5 years ago

      Death in the western world with its hypocrisy and falsehood. Fuck the zionists and their willingness to own the world! Good track!!

    • brendaclews avatar
      6 years ago

      Lively and relaxing at the same time, invigorating and calming, how you two manage such juxtapositions within the same piece is nothing short of brilliant. Happiness tinged with loneliness. Longing with acceptance. The joy of every moment is here, in the beat, its echo, happy, tripping along, and the melody moves like a brook, river, or the wind itself, changing, transforming, living a full life, through. Lovely is an over-used word, but afterzone is truly lovely! With thanks to Pierre-Marie Coedes for posting on Facebook.

    • littleFingers avatar
      6 years ago

      Very ambient, chill out, dreamy music from two artists I like. Excellent work. Thanks for sharing Pierre-Marie cœdès

    • gslack avatar
      6 years ago

      Du grand art, association de 2 artistes fantastiques. BRAVO !!! Merci Jamendo pour ces découvertes.

    • san064 avatar
      6 years ago

      Une belle piste relaxante et vivifiante... comme une caresse pour les oreilles Merci pour le partage