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    • eyeln avatar
      6 years ago

      Un bon album, surprenant au début, "une femme a peur" me plaît bien, c'est barré, varié, un côté bestial sympa. Après je me suis perdu surtout à partir de "destruction", surtout par ce que y'a trop de passages à la néo métal qui me hérisse le poil. Bref, du harcore sympa, avec des côté bien et d'autres moins bien.

    • Tadd Euro avatar
      6 years ago

      Ben suonato, ben registrato e ben concepito!!!! Era da tempo che non mi distraevo con un bel disco di punk hardcore ... e questa musica era proprio la sensazione di liberazione che cercavo :-) ... dopo la seconda traccia ci sono diverse contaminazioni che spaziano dall'hardrock blues al gothic metal, alcune parti in un certo senso mi ricordano le canzoni dei giapponesi personaggi dell'anime Beck ... e sono particolarmente interessanti :-) Complimenti per la musica e per la carica :-)

    • VozDeSangue avatar
      6 years ago

      Behold ! Behemoth spits his vitriolic melody. Manic,insane, relentless, grunting,gut retching sludge-punk. Music from the darkest recesses,doom laden and one sonic blast of a head exploding album. A1 stuff from a hell of an act.

    • euchrid avatar
      6 years ago

      Sadly, I do not speak French (my loss, I know) - so I can't comment on the lyrics. But the energy and enthusiasm of this band come through loud and clear. Great, solid playing, passionate, thrilling vocal performance, an absorbing sound and strong melodies. There's a sort of more punky Gogol Bordello feel to them; maybe a kind of cleaner sounding Black Flag with a Gogol Bordello energy, and a gritty, grungy feel that's a bit like a lighter Rage Against The Machine (if they were more punk). If I wanted to improve something, I would say the sound of the guitar, bass and drums could be made a TINY bit dirtier in the mix, so that they complement the vocals a little more. The vocals are gritty and rough, and sound just right. If the drums were beefed up (more bottom end, a fuller sound), then the sound would totally blow you away. (This is only a suggestion for the mix, not the playing or the individual sound of the instruments). But it comes close enough to really give you a good kick in the pants... with no changes to anything, I would go and see this band tomorrow. I hope they release more soon. In a word: awesome punky energetic rock. So glad I clicked on this (the artwork sucked me in - I was lucky enough to hear it just after it was uploaded). Spread the word!