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Melody for You (Single) Jamendo Music album cover

Melody for You (Single)

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    • Gypsy Sugar 66 avatar
      6 years ago

      Love the idea of a musical Valentine! This is a lovely Melody ~ sweet & delicious, just like good chocolate! The cover art is the perfect match for this piece - kudos to the Artist!... Thanks for the multi-sensory Valentine.;~)

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar
      6 years ago

      The romance and the lovely album cover . . . sweet and touching . . invites you to look into your true love's eyes and realize that you are not alone in this rough life and that after all . . you have everything you could want . .. The piano was expressive and a little rough around the edges . . . but heart captivating and moving with its sincerity and love . .. a piece not to be missed, but enjoyed in a playlist of music . . . for lovers . . .

    • saidjose avatar
      6 years ago

      En mi opinión es una buena composición algo melancólica, pero agradable al oído, la verdad te recomiendo que sigas por ese camino.

    • minette88 avatar
      6 years ago

      Une très belle mélodie à écouter en tête à tête avec son amoureux(se), autour d'un petit dîner aux chandelles, avec un verre de vin rouge et de fins chocolats pour finir en douceur la soirée. Merci pour cette délicate attention que tu nous offres. PS : très jolie pochette.