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Intimate Heaven

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    • emmafactor avatar
      6 years ago

      Buon sound. Allegria e melodie.

    • Parka love avatar
      6 years ago

      Modernist sounds throughout the whole album. Catchy melodies and groovy rhythms. Compliments from the Mod Mob. PL

    • falcefra avatar
      6 years ago

      A Bruno album song belle e piacevoli all' ascolto, good musicians and impro a very good, my preferite song a night in Bozen. Ciao

    • minette88 avatar
      6 years ago

      Très beau jazz rock, j'adore les musiques. Mais la voix n'est pas juste, c'est dommage et je pense que tu devrais plutôt chanter en italien. Sinon, très belles mélodies, c'est gai, dynamique et très entraînant. Je note uniquement sur les musiques.

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      6 years ago

      'Intimate Heaven', is an 11 track, Jazz(y)-Lounge album. In my opinion the Quality that distinguishes this Jazz(y) Album from its Peers on Jamendo is the Prominent Use of Vocals; whether it is a Single Singer or Singer with Backup or Male/Female. The Collection Expresses itself with Equal Emphasis on Vocalizations and Instruments. The Jazz Style is a Mixture of Smooth Jazz with a subtle Bluesy Variety One might hear in a Memphis or New Orleans Supper Club or Lounge. Contributing to this is Observation is the heavy use of Electric Piano/Guitar/Bass and the Sultry, Female, Dop Wop, Vocal heard in Track #3. 'Angie's Gift'. Saxophone is almost a Prerequisite Jazz Instrument due to its Ubiquitous Presence is most Jazz Works and this Album is No Exception. Listen for it along with other Common Lounge Band Instruments. Vocals, range from Male Lead Ballads to rather Fun-Hip Hop Style Boy Band Chorus--Track #6. 'Here We Are', which Ironcially, is NOT Jazzy but Island Beat Party-esque Pop. Overall, a Surprising Mix of Jazz(y)-Lounge-Pop styles in a Album that Feels like Tuning in to Afternoon Radio Broadcast from Yesteryear.