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Antithesis Jamendo Music album cover
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    • raffaella avatar
      6 years ago

      Hi, the incipit track (Acquatico)is a strong and experimental description of a fracture... Interesting!The tone increase in the 2nd track (Suntek)and 3th (Print) have a measured tread. 5th track (Gumb)is a shout of triumph and open to the 6th (Mr. Chain), the heart of the album, I think, and the reviews to past sonority. The 7th track (Get Up)is another interruption...8th (Woo-Wasi) is tha rebirth of chill style & electronic tension. Finally 11th (Ki-Ozu)light and lounge mix. Good raffaella

    • lamusicadepako avatar
      6 years ago

      Interesantes mezcla de sonidos entre el relax y lo experimental.

    • SunSky avatar
      6 years ago

      Aspettavo con curiosità un nuovo loro lavoro e devo dire che non hanno assolutamente deluso... davvero interessante.

    • falcefra avatar
      6 years ago

      Album song great music a ricarcations sound, a very good mix sound effect impelmeate. Bye