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Feelings in Trouble

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    • fernandesh avatar
      5 years ago

      Teresa, simplesmente, é cantora pop baseada na Alemanha, que canta em inglês com voz clara como cristal, e pronúncia precisa. Suas letras são otimistas e elevam o astral de quem as ouve. Música boa produzida fora do esquema comercial.

    • murmullocucarachas avatar
      5 years ago

      una de tus canciones en el programa 86 de la Radio Copyleft http://www.radio-copyleft.blogspot.com.es/2012/10/radio-copyleft-86.html GRacias por compartir

    • SouthOMike avatar
      6 years ago

      "Stay" is quiet and slow, simply easy on the ear! Teresa's vo9cals are clear and precise, which is wonderful with so many others that slur their words, making it hard to understand. "Remember" starts with a very strong pop beat and fills the rest of the song with some energetic vocalizing. Definately radio worthy!

    • zerbaer avatar
      6 years ago

      Eine sehr angenehme, schöne Stimme, gepaart mit einer sehr hübschen jungen Frau... Ideale Mischung... Da freut man sich auf mehr... vielleicht mit ner Spur mehr ins Rockige... ansonsten sowieso ein absoluter Hörtip ! 5 Sterne +++

    • tonux.gix avatar
      6 years ago

      love much your nice voice