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Niemand will aber den Propheten

Zen Nihilistisch
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    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      6 years ago

      'Niemand Will Aber Den Propheten', is a six track, Minimalist Electronica-Experimental album. The Songs in this Album are neither "Barren" nor "Sparse"; nonetheless, only the most Essential Elements needed to complete Harmony and Melody are used. There is no "Fat" on this Musical Frame! The Electronica Style ranges from Minimal to Experimental. Do not expect this to be a Trance/Techno Dance or even Ambient Album. Track #5. 'Nichts Voller Nicts Voll', for example, opens with a "Fuzzy" Electric Sound. It is very much Avant Guard and Sounds similar to the kind of music used by Performance Artists with its abundance of Acoustic Percussion and Asymmetrical Synth Keyboard yet as the Composition progresses it takes on an Air similar to the Theme Music of the 1970s Film 'Duel'(Dennis Weaver) as it exudes a kind of "Metal(literal Sheet Metal not Metal Rock) Sound". This in turns gives the Work a Sinister Aspect. Track #2. 'Exil', manages to blend Synth Choral into a "Trip Hammer" pounding Electronic-Electric Sound. The Essence is not Comforting yet it is not Unsettling either. It is simply Non-Traditional Music. If you like Unconventional Music that is Simple, Direct and Basic; this Album is just the "Ticket". ;-)

    • Aufklarung avatar
      6 years ago

      Sta in piedi. E non è scontato. Perché qui la cultura dell'avanguardia europea si fonde col tribalismo di matrice africana, i King Crimson più duri convivono con certo minimalismo di P.Glass, i clusters di Stockhausen e la klangfarbenmelodie di Webern si compenetrano. E cacchio, se questi non sono eroici furori... In barba ai tramonti. Un grazie enorme, Angelo. Col cuore.

    • Shamael avatar
      6 years ago

      Propuesta radical e inconformista. Gracias por estas dosis de nuevas miradas a la experiencia sonora. Gracias a Cometa por la recomendación.

    • Tadek59 avatar
      6 years ago

      Thanks for share cometa Interesting music !

    • piano de la tour avatar
      6 years ago

      elettro tribalità...quindi scarnificato dal melò e dall'armonia...difficile immergirsi e capire per chi non ama il genere...ma qui vale la pena di tentare...