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    • 7 years ago

      'Conversion I', is a seven track, Instrumental Electronica Ambient album. In my opinion there is no actual "Seasonal" Theme to this Album. The reason I made a summery reference is that this Collection strongly reminds me of a New Zealand New Age Composer, whose name escapes me, that was featured on a 'Hearts of Space' Radio Broadcast. The name of his composition was 'Light Dance'. As the Program ended a local radio announcer made a point of stating it was perfect for music for a Summer's Evening and indeed I was sitting beside an open window enjoying a pleasant breeze. This Album captures the Mood and Feeling of that Moment. Musically, Highly Relaxing and Melodic Techno to Mood Ambient Electronica Compositions compose this Collection. Listen for a Blend of Lyrically Flowing Melodies to Futuristic Synth Keyboard which shifts from an Technological to a nearly Acoustic Sound and this includes a Mode that is very nearly Human Vocalization and Synth Choral--Track #4.Conversion 1 04',--Essence. Overall, a Spectacular Musical Experience. :)