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Desert of Silence Jamendo Music album cover
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    • indemnityforscapegoats avatar

      Das Album wirkt auf mich sehr abwechslungsreich und fassettenreich. Kaum zu glauben das all diese verschiedenen Ideen von einem einzigen Interpreten stammen.

    • strtwalker55 avatar

      I read an information about your album Oh its so interesting that you get an inspiration from big stars like these. MJ is one of the inspiring person i ever know.He is greatest entertainer.Of course its good idea to get inspired by someone or by something. Keep up what you do

    • The Chilling Spirit avatar

      I don't often post reviews but just felt the need to warn about the lyrics. They are quite explicit and might ruin the mood if you just wanted laidback "meaningless" chillout. The music is wonderful and professional!