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Falling To My Knees Jamendo Music album cover
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    • falcefra avatar

      Owens a music jazz album a very good, melody and sound trumpet a wonderful. Bye from Italy.

    • Coco.Powers avatar

      I really love Frustration, it's very emotional, the intro and that mad guitar - you're a demon on those strings! Good work my friend!

    • Stone Pillow avatar

      Grandi atmosfere Jazz...relax!!!

    • daisylis artiste avatar

      ... as wrote WolfsongThepoet. Listening to this album I felt on my knees ! I love your sound ! Congrats and thank you for sharing !

    • cometa avatar
      @ wrote

      I am warm here in this room. This is Owens' home, where you can sit down and feel at peace. That's right, life begins again forever. The compositions are beautiful, they are written with refined taste. The themes are lovely, the music is apparently easy listening, but there is a profound depth of feeling beneath the surface, Thanx!