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Seismograph Jamendo Music album cover
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    • 7 years ago

      Buono...mi piace...

    • 10 years ago

      Das Album ist einfach Hammer. Ihr wollt Kritik? Da fällt mir nur die ein, dass es hier bei Jamendo nicht alles von euch gibt. Ausserdem vermisse ich den Support-Button. Ich will nicht nur das Album bezahlen, sondern auch Jamendo damit unterstützen (auch wenns nur wenig ist) weil es einfach ne coole Plattform ist, ohne die ich auch von euch nichts wüsste! (und fixt den link von jamendo auf eure Site)

    • 10 years ago

      The first track, if it does, makes me quake in my boots about what's to follow!-) The background track to the harsh vocals seems a bit indefinite, even when it's doing it's solo. The beat is obvious, and the scattering of percussion, it just all sounds a bit unclear. That might be the point! Jane Feels Good (Kristallin) oddly starts off very distorted, but then the fog clears and the track emerges. I don't really feel the voice over did it any favours, but the vocals were within the ebm/synthpop range, so I would be inclined to stick to that. Borderline Love begins with a lovely noise, and continues with more. Then the beat and vocals kick in, nice and clear and strangely 'safe'. It's like a boundary worn with use. Generic: Lüsterne Leiden starts with rolling synths, a choir of angels and a nice build up for the tune and rhythm to make its' mark. A reasonable industrial track. Then, Adversus Stultitiam Philos Deploys, gets straight to the action, with some nice touches here and there. Basically, a sound ebm track. Götterwein starts strong and turns into a nicely fermented synth track, good and reliable.

    • 10 years ago

      album, borderline love, geiles lied, trotzdem top album!!!!!!!!!!

    • 11 years ago

      Un disco, con excelente trabajo, y canciones muy interesantes de escuchar, y un sonido unico que despierta el deseo de esperar el siguiente trabajo, un disco muy bueno y que a mi gusto simplemente es excelente...