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Life Jamendo Music album cover
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      Grazie per questa bellissima composizione, che ho utilizzato per un video sui paesaggi della RIviera Ligure.

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      Excellent track! Sensitivity, romanticism, superb melody! And what about the sound : spectacular!

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      Thanks to all

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      Another beautiful track, thank you. Keep them coming

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar

      An American English idiom is the adage “No Brainer” and never has that expression been truer than now when I recommend Listeners DOWNLOAD this Splendid Single ASAP. Elements of Symphonic/Orchestral based Easy Listening, Elegant Passages of World Beat esp in a “Woodwind-Horn Combination” and a Sublimely Mellow Acoustic String Sound ALL Meld into an Exceptionally Beautiful Contemporary Tone Poem. Stefan Mocini is a rather prolific Composer/Musician with many Fine Compositions to his credit but this Work, in my opinion, is in a Class By Itself.