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Once we were angels (single) Jamendo Music album cover

Once we were angels (single)

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      Fantastica composizione !! Ho pensato utilizzarla per un video sui paesaggi autunnali delle Langhe.

    • dreamwarrior avatar

      i love it since it first note,very touching,it really makes you feel the angel ..thanks for this loving tune

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar

      Stefano Mocini, surpasses all Genre Classifications with this Splendid Single. Certainly, some Listeners will call it a Light Orchestral or Symphonic Easy Listening Piece while others may perceive New Age Romanticism; nonetheless, all will have only noted a fraction of this Single's Magnificence. Rolling Percussion, Grand Acoustic Piano, Violin and a Spectral Aria-like Tone via Synth Choral that is almost Human color this Composition with a Peaceful Flowing Grace.

    • sugo76 avatar
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      E' stupenda! una poesia in musica, i complimenti non basteranno mai! Bravo Stefano, bravissimo, ho una stima infinita per i tuoi pezzi. Severino Padova

    • dream_of_the_night avatar

      Thanks for your kind reviews. :)