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Jamming Jamendo Music album cover
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    • vitaliy grigorev avatar

      Alex, thanks

    • minette88 avatar

      De très belles musiques comme sait toujours le faire Alexander. Ma préférée : Warm Piano justement à cause du piano que j'affectionne tout particulièrement. Les notes sont si douces, si délicates ! Merci pour ce moment si paisible.

    • Wolfsong.thePoet avatar

      I think my favorite was the last track, the sentimental "Warm Piano" because it had such a calming yet positive effect on my mood . . . I looked up when I heard it play and I smiled . . . "Symbiosis" made me think of holidays with it's fervent quick light sounds. I visualized a traveler, in that one . . . All these pieces would be great for videos or background . . . as high quality as always from Alexander Blu . . .

    • Zuzanna.M avatar

      Alexander these three songs do not have sound. The other Albums are a okay...Please check your upload dear...Sincerely, Zuzanna M.

    • littleFingers avatar

      Xcellent tracks as ever Alexander. Thanks for sharing.