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Falling Apart Jamendo Music album cover
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      G R E A T !!!

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      Computer Date k......zajebisty numer !!

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      The sounds are gripping and notes are not wasted. I enjoy the flow and tones. Thank you.

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      @ wrote

      Ah, you can always count on LukHash to deliver the goods! This album is excellent. Big thick sound, danceable beats, interesting textures.. Awesome all the way through, but if you prefer a few titles to start with, try the tracks PIXELOVE, BROKEN STAR, and GRAVITY.

    • Aston Villa avatar

      What I like about Lukhash is that he has the ability to be on par with huge pop music writing standards. The 8-bit technology is certainly awesome but it does get tiresome. I would advise him to move on with more standard analog synth layers and 8-bit effects. If these songs were done this way, a major label would offer a contract I am sure. Lukehash could be the new Jean-Michel Jarre. This album has at least 9 pop songs of extremely fine quality. Album art is tremendously awesome, very professional and the asian touch is mind-blowing.