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Dave Imbernön´s Love and Honor

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      Track #1. 'And Darkness Came', begins the Album with Spoken Narration, Atmospheric background effects, Choral Harmony and a somewhat Military Themed Orchestral Overture complete with a Timpani Tattoo primes the Listener for a Dramatic Musical Journey through Time and Mythic Mood. In my opinion the Pieces have a “Victorian” feeling and One can easily imagine being surrounded by Brass Candelabra, Mahogany Wood Paneling, Heavy Leather Furnishings, Leather Bound Novels and Gas Lamp Lighting as the Album plays. Imbernon, strikes a very Stylized Chord in this heavily Romantic and Classically Influenced Work. This said the Songs have a Soft and Lyrical side as evidenced by Track #5. 'Flowers and You', which balances Synth Violin, Harp, Flute against the always present Timpani Voice. Close your eyes and let the Imagination take Flight while the Music.

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      my favorit song of this album is "Flowers And You" a wonderful song but the other songs are good too..it's a good medieval symphonic album,thanks for sharing! rune

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      excellent....wonderful ♥