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Soul of Insect

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    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      5 years ago

      Aufklarung strikes again! The Album's title , at first, gives no indication of the Exceedingly Beautiful Acoustic Piano it contains. Luscious strains of Romantic Era Classical Piano cascade from EVERY Track. Fans of Edvard Grieg- 'Morning', Claude Debussy-'Gollywog's Cakewalk' and Maurice Ravel--'Jeux d'eau', to name only a few, will hear the same level of Lyrical Emotion and Technical precision synonymous with those Well Known Masters within Stunningly Lovely Compositions. While some may find Insects to be repugnant—upon closer inspection they often display some of the most wondrous colors, patterns and designs—which may symbolize the “Soul” thus thinking in those terms. This Album is as Perfectly Titled as it is Performed. Bravo-Bravo!

    • GuyMuzic avatar
      5 years ago

      Je laisse bercé par tes notes, et ta musique envahie mon imaginaire. C'est superbement beau...

    • eistesis avatar
      5 years ago

      Great classical piano!

    • KYTIE avatar
      5 years ago

      un'interpretazione classica magnifica , grazie Raffaele per questo piacevole momento . * KYTIE *

    • Van Syla avatar
      5 years ago

      Merveilleux mélange de piano baroque entrecoupé de phrasés jazzy dans certaines pièces et dans d'autres, toujours cette dynamique baroque mais harmonieusement enveloppée d'impressionnisme à la française. Cet album est vraiment superbe, pour moi un des meilleurs de Aufklarung qui ne cesse de repousser les limites de son art.