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Mandragora Jamendo Music album cover


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    • zinp avatar
      5 years ago

      Voix, musique et instrumentation vraiment top. j'adore...

    • FGPkeys avatar
      5 years ago

      Un gran EP con tremendas canciones, excelentes músicos, hermosa voz y melodías vocales y mucha energía.

    • lillek avatar
      5 years ago

      Hi OVERCOLORED, feel free to claim and enjoy my love at https://flattr.com/thing/1399076 :) Thanks for your great music, and choosing reasonable licence (no NC/ND licence hell).

    • Metabarao avatar
      5 years ago

      Não há o que reclamar neste EP: música complexa porém acessível e ótimos vocais. Excelente!

    • Marilda avatar
      5 years ago

      I loved Mandragora...I love language...I love amazing voice,everything is amazing...Congratulations ,you are great!!!