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She Lost Her Wings (Single)

Josh Woodward
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    • dana-zoe gest avatar
      4 years ago

      absolutely - i have come to listen and llove Josh's music - some of it feels like it is telling my story. which makes him a true troubadour. and yes, each song is its' own perfection. and the instrumentals along with the lyric version are just the icing on the cake - i wind up learning the melody way before all of the absolute gratitude and admiration for this true artist. Thank you, Josh for all you do. somedays your song makes my days ( and nights ) better.

    • PolishGal avatar
      5 years ago

      How's it possible that every new song of Josh is just PERFECT and we all love it? Oh, riiiight! He's just so amazing and talented :D

    • Arnaud Tranquil avatar
      5 years ago

      Merci Josh.