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Inside Jamendo Music album cover
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    • Angelo Grandon avatar

      sencillamente hermoso, tu música esta para grandes cosas.

    • ubforti avatar

      emozionarsi e' sempre una scoperta,con la musica e' una piccola crescita. Grazie

    • smokevision5 avatar

      very well done

    • dream_of_the_night avatar

      Thank you dear friend!! :)

    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar

      This Single is a Relaxation Supreme. Symphonic, Easy Listening and Choral Elements combine in a Luscious Composition that is both Modern and Classical. Violins, Piano and Voice coexist in Perfect Harmony with Electronica Atmospheric Effects and Rolling Percussion. Are you feeling depressed/stressed? Why take a Valium when this Master Work exits. It will be Good for All that Ails You. ;-)