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Duck On Cover

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    • diviv9 avatar
      3 years ago

      Awesome album and group, sorry it took me so long to rate this album....

    • kudlaj avatar
      5 years ago

      Great songs, perfect arrangements, lot of fun.

    • Quirk avatar
      5 years ago

      Once again another Shearer album has made me love music again. The damn catchy nature of the riffs, hooks and lyrics grab me again to pull me into my private world. Like the other albums there is the usual mix of different stlyes and topics to make each song a powerful piece on its own. As far as I am concerned, these guys could step on stage after Rammstein, Oomph! or Die Toten Hosen and they would belong. Hell they would be the talk of the town. I still struggle to understand why these guys aren't massive rockstars not just in Germany, but the whole world

    • fluxful avatar
      5 years ago

      Das warten hat sich gelohnt. Immer gut wenn Bands nicht stehen bleiben. Das ist ein sehr gelungenes Album. Werde ich wohl wieder für meine Videos auf Youtube verwenden:-)

    • ThomasvonBergen avatar
      5 years ago

      Shearer hat sich musikalisch weitentwickelt und Duck on Cover ist ein rundes und professionelles Album geworden. Was ich etwas vermisse ist die Wildheit aus den früheren Produktionen.