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Follow the Road (Single)

Josh Woodward
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    • PolishGal avatar
      5 years ago

      Today I've listened to the song the first time, because I didn't have time earlier. And I'm glad I finally did it! I liked it right away, after hearing first verses! Very catchy tune, and the lyrics... I love the lyrics you wrote, Josh! It;s so different from the lyrics we hear on the radio - I try not to listen to the radio, but sometimes it can't be helped. I'm listening to your music and I'm impressed and happy that someone write soooooo valuable music. I like very much the latest songs you are publishing as a singles. It's great to be able to listen to new material every few weeks, not waiting for the whole album:) (Of course what I like on jamendo is possibility to upload whole album, but the singles are also great way). Anyway - beuatiful song with beautiful melody and beautiful lyrics. A big thanks to you Josh! I wish you many many many more new songs! Greetings from Poland.

    • Geri G avatar
      5 years ago

      Es ist ja nicht so, dass Folk meine Lieblingsmusik wäre, aber Josh Woodward ist etwas Besonderes und dieses Stück ist absolut großartig.