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Voices from the past

The Rinn
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    • Deimost avatar
      4 years ago

      Estoy al 100% deacuerdo con dom de bear, los temas son originales y los sonidos están bien buscados (buenos solos e instrumentanciones) pero pienso que en la mezcla podría haber quedado todo mucho mejor. Buen adelanto de todas formas!!

    • yucano avatar
      4 years ago

      this band has great strength, some stunning the voice just like the climates.

    • Dom The Bear avatar
      4 years ago

      clearly influenced by references as, 1st, Nightwish, then also Zdguy/ Avantasia or Stratovarius, this 2 titles album is worth listening to. Nice instrumentations with clever use of keybs, interesting melodies merging Metal, Folk and Electronic, just a negative thought about mixing which lacks of medium sounds, rendering then a less spectacular sounds that cannot suit to Power Metal. But worth a try indeed!!