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      Doing odd-meter musical work is difficult let alone doing odd-meter and enjoyable musical work. I commend this band for doing it effectively and not overwhelming their intended audience with overly cerebral and esoteric musical tangents that can become too much even for intelligent musical fans. Fans of Yes and Mahavishnu Orchestra would appreciate the music found here though it sounds like neither of those bands (as it is uniquely theirs). Nonetheless, if you intend to expand your musical horizons and saturate your brain with tones combined with intelligent subdivisions of time, download this music and listen to it and enjoy it. Very creative and artistic: well done.

    • chuckdiepflanze avatar

      Absolut cool. Absolut progressiv. Genau mein Geschmack. Ihr seid einer meiner Favouriten auf Jamendo. Im wahrsten Sinne eine Suchtmaschine. Schöne Grüße und weiter so, Dave

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      Great stuff. I love this!

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      agradable, digerible, a mi pequeño hijo le encanta, esperamos algo más de esta buena agrupación, Recomendado

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      Just Perfect.Thanks