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    • aschnu avatar
      6 years ago

      Music is very interesting, going towards the mainstream of the prodigy. "Dirty Angel" is very dynamic and it is good. "Fallen" has unnecessary downtime. The rest of the songs have an interesting idea, but for me, are rough diamonds. Sometimes it your music is too simple - reproducible. To the ideal of a smooth transition to the lack of diversity and climate sounds like "Climbatize". After all, a plate of great potential, because the more I regret that so far the first album turns out to be the last. I think, that next album would be better than the last.

    • 509 avatar
      6 years ago

      Your album reminds me of "Temple of Boom"(1999) from the "Killers on the loose". Your tracks wouldn't have suffered from a greater diversification, but are just fine to me the way they are. As a humble servant in the audiophile temple of Boom i fall down on my knees and send a deep prayer to the dirty angel, a prayer for more of such. making a bow in front of the altar of massive loudspeakers Hail The Phase, full of big beats, the Lord is with thee; thanks a lot for this great solid sound!

    • mpeter2002 avatar
      6 years ago

      I haven't word for this music. Simply fantastic and destroyed, i am remember Prodigy. Keep again!!

    • Minidoux avatar
      7 years ago

      Prodigy at 100% ... one can complain about the plagia, I just enjoy the music ... FIRE STARTER!!!!!!

    • the holy ghost avatar
      7 years ago

      Hey, sympa cet album, comme disent d'autres critiques on ne peut s'empecher d'imaginer prodigy mais c'est pour moi deja un exploit d'arriver à s'en rapprocher.