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The 5th Element (2014) Jamendo Music album cover
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    • jamzmusica avatar
      4 years ago

      Kellee Maize is a dream come true for those who like rap but hate the egotistical content of most rap lyrics. She is an inspiration and I hope that other rappers will learn from her example, and indeed it would be brilliant to see music like this by people from all walks of life. This album surpassed my expectations in terms of conscious rap. I and I'm sure many others will appreciate the references to fracking destroying our earth.

    • duvier avatar
      4 years ago

      Kellee siempre haces muy buena música.

    • knifer avatar
      4 years ago

      On a high note, suprisingly my picture made the cut on the albums final artwork lol.. As far as I can tell, Kellee Maize and Tairrie B. have three obvious things in common: they are female, they are white, and they have rap albums released dealing with female empowerment. On one hand, the only lady to Google "female rapper" was an easy choice. As for Tairrie B? Well legendary commentator and the only white female rapper ever to sign with Eazy-E's Ruthless Records in the 90s. Surely Kellee Maize needs no introduction. She rose to the top by herself, and her single Google Female Rapper is testament to that. Kellee could certainly hold her own, and I think she is in that rare group of female MC's that were not only admired and respected by men, but by female fans and MC's alike. I may be wrong, but I don't remember ever hearing a Kellee Maize diss song, which is an accomplishment when you consider how quick female MC's used to hate on each other like Tairrie.

    • gagaelektrix avatar
      4 years ago

      I have been following you for some time. Like to play some of your songs on our Dutch station at livestream/gewr Contact us at

    • stan9980 avatar
      4 years ago

      Starts strong but gets even better. I enjoyed the first half of the album but for me from "Frack Track" the album goes up a level. Production is great throughout. Highly recommended!