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Echoes of winter

Razvan Veina
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    • RangerSeriesBlack avatar
      4 years ago

      Outside everything is encased in Ice! Sleet, Freezing Rain and Snow fell on St Patrick's Day 2014, as this Single was being heard and reviewed. In short the perfect ambiance for this Single. Piano, Synth Strings intermingle in such a way as to Musically "Reflect" the external state of affairs. In my opinion, Razvan, has perfectly captured the Feeling of Winter as it begins to phase into Spring; a hint of Sadness and touch of Excitement. Bravo.

    • ona64 avatar
      4 years ago

      przepiękna kompozycja , daje radość ....i za to dziękuję :)

    • shlomif avatar
      4 years ago

      The quality of this recording is professional and all, and I can tolerate listening to it, without it assaulting my feelings or my intelligence. However, I'm not enthusiastic about it, and there isn't a "click" of "I love it!". Thanks for trying, and it's possible other people will like it, but like I said - I don't. Sorry.

    • Kamarius avatar
      4 years ago

      It seems like a very very happy winter we've just had. For those who can see it. And Razvan is a true seer. I enjoy very much this beautiful and touching song. Bright, positive and joyful. It's similar to some of Yanni's tracks, maybe it is so because of the Balkans area influnces for both. Thank you, Razvan! And congratulations!