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    • 3 years ago

      No Angel. A standard Blues backdrop with strong lead vocals. The soft Latin feel in both vocals and phrasing drags this to new level and adds a touch setting it a bit above the standard Blues form. C'est la Vie. A classical Blues form but with the superb lead and backing vocals. The male backing vocals added a subtle combination underline that part of the theme. The piano and lead vocals another and there were many more examples throughout. Monday. A great bouncy Blue based sound with a great upbeat melody and much energy. A great collection with a great emphasis on the lead female vocals. The soft Latin infusion carried with it a little sunlight and energy of its own. A great warm work full of sunshine.

    • 4 years ago

      Lucia! This is my email all suggestions are welcome here

    • 4 years ago

      Excellent! My YouTube channel is non profit. Where can I buy your wonderful music to make a video ? Lucia

    • 4 years ago

      thank you very much for your support!

    • 5 years ago

      Track #1. 'No Angels', kicks off the Album with a Crisp yet Tranquil Acoustic Guitar Voice that is more than matched by a Sultry Female Vocal(s). Imagine preparing a meal or working a Barbecue with this Piece Playing and the Certainty of "Good Times Ahead" takes over. Track #2. 'C'est La Vie', continues the Vibe with More Laidback Female Vocals AND a Mixed(Male/Female) Backup Chorus; Feeling shifts from Casual to Debonaire. Track #3. 'Monday', takes a more Retro Approach. In my opinion the Ambiance feels 60-ish Euro Cafe-Bistro with a live Singer/Band performing while Diners bask in a atmosphere of Relaxed Bliss. Simply Great Music.